OChess v0.0.2
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MyApp Class Reference

Main application. More...

#include <ochess.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool OnInit ()
 Entry point of the application.
std::vector< TabInfos * > ListTabInfos ()
 Get a list of all the tabs opened in OChess.
void FocusOnTab (TabInfos *)
 Trigger a wxWidget focus event on a specific tab.
void NewGame (TabInfos *tabsrc, std::shared_ptr< Game > g)
 Open a new game tab linked to tabsrc that uses game g.
void NewGame (std::shared_ptr< Game > g)
 Open a new game that uses game g.
OpeningsGetBook ()
 Singleton to get the opening book (see Openings)

Public Attributes

Openings Book

Detailed Description

Main application.

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